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With vehicle technology becoming more sophisticated each year, it is essential that workshops invest in the right equipment. We now have the latest Snap-on Verus engine management scanner with integrated Snap-on Troubleshooter™ information systems. For advanced engine management sensor testing we use the built in 4ch lab scope.

In addition we have the Launch X431 engine management scanner, Wurth WOW Scanner and Sykes hand held code reader this gives us enhanced coverage on most European makes plus coverage of Japanese, Korean and Malaysian vehicles. Having these market leading scanners enables us to offer a comprehensive vehicle diagnostic service, allowing us to diagnose faults with systems such as Engine management, ABS, Body systems and many more. Also we are able to access most security system and program new keys to your vehicle.

From our diagnostic tools we can see real time live data which enables us to pin point faults more effectively.

With the latest test equipment we are able to carry out all Auto Electrical repairs.

Tuning by Tunit Diesel Performance

For increased performance and improved fuel economy from your diesel-engined vehicle, we offer the Tunit Diesel Performance module. To find out more and see before and after figures for your vehicle, click here to visit our Dorking DLR sister site.